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This dress is a design I’ve been mulling over for years using gorgeous hand-woven and hand-dyed fine Cambodian silk fabric discovered back in 2004. The silk is a subtile - shimmery taffeta woven with brown and black silk thread. The dress style is fitted to the waist and a little flared at the bottom. However the crinkles give a feeling of elasticity, making a snug-fit feel totally comfortable and not at all tight. The fabric will soften with wear. This is just an awesome dress! 

 I have selected a light-weight silk hababai for lining this dress.

 This dress is just the perfect travellers’ stow-and-wear semi-formal to formal dress. Store it twisted and tied in a little bundle, untie and put it straight on when the occasion demands. No ironing required, in fact, don’t put an iron anywhere near this dress as it will destroy the crinkles! Also perfect for city wear, dress-down for smart-casual, perfect as it is for semi-formal, and dress-up for formal occasions. I am also imagining that this dress could be worn over tastefully chosen layers and leather boots for a more casual look.

For a Perfect Fit: Checkout our Handy Sizing Guide

Note: The Cambodian Crumple Dresses need to be stored twisted and tied in a bundle to stay crinkled. Hand-wash, and loosely shake out for drip-drying, then twist and tie once dry.

Colours available:

Fit: fitted, slightly flared skirt (but stretchy – crinkles)
Fabric strength: strong
Lining: light weight habatai silk
Occasion: smart-casual, semi-formal, formal
Season: warm weather – summer, layer for wearing in cooler weather
Layerable: yes
Care: cold water only, hand wash, gentle machine wash on own

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Monsoon Rag's Handy Sizing Guide

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Please refer to the info section on each of our garments, as there were some fabric width limitations meaning that some designs are the same length for all sizes – so will look shorter when worn by people bigger than size 8. Particularly the Guatemalan dresses and the Cambodian Hoi Silk Tango Skirts. 
There is no one cardboard cut-out ‘normal’ woman shape, we are not all clones of one another! Have you discovered that one brand may be a perfect fit for your size, while another just never sits right? I certainly have!
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