Monsoon Rags


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Our designs:   Stylish, timeless wearables for women, designed and made in Australia using hand-woven, artisan-painted and culturally unique fabrics sourced from around the world. 

Our mission:   To showcase the beauty and diversity of traditionally woven, culturally unique, and artisan-painted fabrics by creating wearable, western clothing for every-day use. We particularly hope to provide sustainable financial support for the continued use or revitalisation of traditional weaving methods. Weaving is commonly undertaken in small villages in many developing countries.

A significantly reduced demand for traditional hand-woven fabrics often due to cheap, low-quality imports has resulted in the younger generations leaving their villages to work in factories and sweatshops in big cities. The consequences are often loss of important family support systems and structure for affected families, as well as poorer health, nutrition and higher stress for those who migrate to big cities. We hope that by purchasing and promoting the fabrics from weaving villages, that we can support healthier, happier lifestyles and prevent the fragmentation of families. While we will be showcasing the work of artists from richer nations from time to time, our focus will be to support those from developing countries.

Our ethics:   Sustainability, durability, quality workmanship, all natural fibres, fair wages, ethical treatment and conditions for workers, supporting the little people directly, or those who fairly represent the little people.