About us: mission and ethics

Monsoon Rags designs: Stylish, timeless wearables for women, designed and made in Australia using hand-woven, artisan-printed and culturally unique fabrics sourced from around the world.

Monsoon Rags mission: To showcase traditional, hand-woven fabrics in natural fibres by designing simple, classy, everyday western clothes for women. To provide financial support to weavers by purchasing their fabrics, thus assisting in keeping important cultural traditions alive. Once such skills are lost, they are lost forever. We will not be purchasing vintage or antique fabrics, as these are not a renewable resource and do not support living, practicing weavers.
Our mission has expanded to include hand woven fabrics from regions outside of South East Asia, including Guatemala, Uzbekistan and India. We have also discovered a wonderful Estonian silk painter who creates beautiful flower silk designs, which have used to create one-of-a-kind silk dresses. While these fabrics are hand painted but not hand woven, we are supporting a wonderful artist, which is one of the missions of Monsoon Rags. I'm sure we will discover and support many more artists and weavers along our Monsoon Rags journey, also with the support of our customers! If you know of weaving cooperatives, businesses or individuals who fit our ethics and mission, please do send us an email.
Monsoon Rags ethics: Quality workmanship, fair wages, ethical treatment and conditions for workers, supporting the little people directly, or those who fairly represent the little people, use of 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging, also to minimise our environmental impact in every way we can.
While we are certainly not perfect on all of these fronts, these are the ultimate goals for our entire supply chain. To do this we need to get a little bigger and also spend quality time building our relationships.

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